Setting up Woocommerce with WordPress would have been a breeze if not for the security settings which servers and webhosts do to avoid spamming vulnerability. These security patches become a concern when Woocommerce order confirmation email is not working.


Here’s what to do:

  1. Check if your theme does not have any problems with sending out problems. Some themes have built in contact forms and this affects Woocommerce setup.
  2. Make sure you have properly set the Email Settings at WP Dashboard-Woocommerce-Settings-Email.
  3. Check if your site can actually send emails. Install Contact Form and test if the email went to the recipient email which you have configured in your site. If it doesn’t then you have to install  PHP SMTP mailer plugin.  Most servers automatically activate PHP Mail Function which enables  your WP installation to send out emails however some would disable it and you wouldn’t know unless you were in the installing process.

Hope this helps.

Author: Clariza Nalam

Clariza Nalam is a web designer and a blogger. She is also the siteowner of ,  and .

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