The recently concluded Digital lnfluencers and Marketing Summit 2014 provided sound timely tips for Filipino digital influencers and marketers on how to excel in the ASEAN Integration 2015, as delivered by two of its main speakers, Public Relations Industry Thought Leader Mr. JUNIE DEL MUNDO of EON Inc. and Mr. ANTON DIAZ, Our Awesome Planet.

dimsummit-eonMr. Del Mundo asserted there are many responsibilities to fulfill as we are nearing another milestone in the ASEAN integration process.   There may be many opportunities but there are more challenges to overcome.  Here are the things he suggests Philippine digital influencers and marketers should do:

  1. Educate others about what’s going on. When you look at competition, no longer from inside your country but from foreign .  He further cautioned digital marketers that if you don’t change how you do business, you will not be able to compete. Competition is a challenge. Filipinos have the ability to be able to compete. Talk about advantages, talk about disadvantages. Learn from others and do things better.
  2. Promote doing business in the country and the region.  While the government is working on the ease of doing business, digital marketers  should help in promoting it   .
  3. Help solve issues that divide us.  With all the bashings on Filipinos, digital influencers can help. Corporate income tax in the Phils is 32%, other countries in the region tax 20%. This is something we can talk about, like issue on the South China Sea .  Think of your country and the region as well.
  4. Help build the ASEAN identity. Start talking about the talent of the Filipino and what separates us.

Mr. Del Mundo ended his talk by giving two reminders: 1) With great powers come great responsibilities.  As digital influencers, be mindful of this – be ethical even when you have to be critical.  The Philippines has the most number of more educated mobile users, we have to make this an advantage and leverage on what this phenomenon can do. 2.) Be innovative with your content by tackling what you know and tackling it from a fresh Filipino perspective.

Mr. ANTON DIAZ, of the very popular Our Awesome Planet, complemented above by imparting insights on how he views Filipino influencers in the light of the upcoming ASEAN integration environment; and sharing some tips on how to be successful in this socio-political and economic integration . He pointed out that while the Philippines is very much part of ASEAN, its geographical location somehow spells a separate identity, at least psychologically. As other member  countries are connected by land, they tend to ignore the Philippines, as if we can’t be in that stream.  He also believes that for us, Philippines has a lot of the talent, but then Singapore has a lot of opportunity ; there are many projects outsourced to the Philippines, founder is Singaporean but the rest of the staff are Filipinos. He also described Malaysian and Singaporean digital influencers are poised and setup to dominate the landscape but Filipino influencers are not ready.  He reminded the participants that we have 1 year left to be ready.

dimsummit-oapOAP Mr. Diaz gave 5 tips on how to be successful in the ASEAN Integration as follows:

  1. Assert our “Fiipinoness” globally – flaunt the characteristics of being a Filipino sich as family centered, naturally creative & talented & God-fearing. He advised digital influencers to  set global benchmarks. While other influencers in ASEAN countries use controversy as main strategy to drive traffic, Filipinos being the social media capital of the world, should be aware of this  because by heeding it we are just giving them traffic. Set further global benchmarks by look for the top ASEAN bloggers, look for competitors in the region ad challenge yourself to surpass that benchmark.
  2. START your first international project. Remove boundaries by accepting international projects.
  3. Evolve to your Filipino best in 2020. He advised influencers to reinvent your input by giving yourself wider inputs. Subscribe to magazines, start watching about Ted Talks were some of his suggestions.
  4. Assemble your avengers team. Create a mastermind of people, talk about business. Look for people who share the same values, vision, and want to be successful the ASEAN landscape.
  5. Nurture our ASEAN roots. Visit our neighbor countries .

Lastly he reminded the audience to define “What is your motivation?”  so that it is where we gather inspiration. For this , he suggests to think of the next generation of Filipinos, not for ourselves. He also suggested that the influencers should remove from our vocabulary – the “I can’t”, “I don’t have a budget”, “bahala na” , “masabi lang”, ” im only a Filipino”; as we have to instill discipline in ourselves in order to cope with our endeavors.

This topic “Expanding your Digital Influence outside the Philippines (ASEAN and beyond0”  is just one of the bits of knowledge learned at the DIM Summit 2014. With appreciations on its inclusions in the summit as indeed, Filipino digital influencers and marketers need these tips and advice as we work towards becoming ASEAN competitive.

Author: Clariza Nalam

Clariza Nalam is a web designer and a blogger. She is also the siteowner of traveltradephilippines.com ,  tyanggepinoy.com  and  creativeavenue.net .

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