The Asian Marketing Congress, organized by the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), which will be held on July 17 – 18, 2014 at the Philippine International Convention Center , Pasay City, promises to be a prime initial source of information on regional marketing for ASEAN marketers.

asian marketing congressThe event is the first ever Asian Marketing Congress and apparently PMA’s  gesture of cooperation in the light of the ongoing ASEAN economic collaboration. It is also co-organized with the Asian Marketing Federation.

From the  program alone, I can already vouch that this Asian Marketing Congress will be a valuable source of information for companies as they move on being a ‘regional’ company. Ii will tackle the following main points which are of great interest to me as a marketer:

  •  In the new world of marketing, collaboration is often more effective than competition. Ways that brands are synergizing today. We are used to competition, how are we going to realign our products and services, or restrategize so that our competitions actually become collaborators.
  • Wow marketing. This is a new concept based on the book by Hermawan Kartajaya , an Indonesian, along with prestigious author Philip Kotler. The concept is actually based on the original 3C’s (important elements of a company such as customercompetitor, and company) . He added 2 more C’s such as Change and Connectivity.   
  • Marketing and Branding in the ASEAN – to be delivered by a Singaporean expert
  • Asian consumer behavior model in the era of social media – this will be surely an interesting topic considering that despite being on the same grounding on social media, we have diverse cultures and different languages.
  • Market Trends – discussing topics on ‘how to market to millenials’, and ‘premiumization’ Aren’t these interesting concepts?
  • A View of Asian Marketplace from Asia, from Europe, from Americas – will it not be challenging to hear how other continents / markets view us?
  • Tourism and Hospitality after a disaster – want to hear bounce-back stories?
  • How to launch your Brand in Asia – need I say more?
  • And the most interesting topic – Is the Philippines ready for the 2015 Asean Integration?

Above are just some of the topics I am particularly looking forward to should I be given a chance to attend the Asian Marketing Congress. I am sure marketers of different companies from all industries will benefit from this conference. Ideas will spark as the new data feeds the mind.

While the event in itself is already a form of regional cooperation as speakers come from across Asia, it will surely be a prime initial source of information for marketers of companies who are now in the stage of, or yet planning to go regional.

Should you want to register for this event,click here.

See you at the Asian Marketing Congress!

Author: Clariza Nalam

Clariza Nalam is a web designer and a blogger. She is also the siteowner of ,  and .

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